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About Us 

Our family acquired our first Siberian Husky in 1982 and began mushing a small team of pets and rescues the very next year.  Over the years, our kennel and interest in mushing grew and has left us with the conviction that Siberian Husky is first and foremost a working breed and should be protected as such.

Our  Siberian Huskies are from a blend of proven OFA and CERF-tested working and show lines selected for genetic health, temperament, working drive, and conformance to the AKC breed standard.   We have several bloodlines in our kennel that are rare, up close to foundation stock, and important in the conservation of genetic  health and diversity in the breed.

Our health record has been outstanding.  Of 17 health-tested Boreayl Siberians descending from our foundation breeding, 13 (or 76.5%) are OFA Excellent with the remaining 4 (or 23.5%) OFA Good.  We also strive for excellent eye health and longevity and have also been well above average in both respects with the vast majority of our dogs living well into their teens.

Puppies are occasionally available to approved breeding and/or working homes.  Reservations are recommended as our breedings are typically limited to not more than 1-2 litters a year.  Pet puppies are sometimes available after litters are evaluated and require in-person pick up.

We are members of the Siberian Husky Club of America, Warren County Kennel Club, and the Russian Primitive and Aboriginal Dog Society.

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